September 1, 2019: Convergent 3D has announced that it has developed an innovative technology that could save lives and reduce accidents, not only in the military but also the automotive and maritime industries. Convergent 3D is encouraging other technology and technology-oriented companies to explore its software in their products and businesses. Moreover, the company is particularly asking military personnel to explore the true potential of its cost-effective, lifesaving technology. This tech allows the drivers of vehicles to maneuver with confidence and increased speed. “In the past, we have primarily targeted the Army and Marines because the software was developed in order to help prevent rollovers in unknown or difficult terrain,” said Amanda Fulmer, Communications Director for Convergent 3D.  The software, trademarked, “We See Depth” ™ provides basically a 3D image without glasses. It uses a single camera, or multiple cameras, that gives the operator of a vehicle depth perception and increased situational awareness. “It has the capacity for numerous military, maritime and industrial applications.” Fulmer added.

Numerous soldiers and Marines have lost their lives or been injured during combat as well as training due to the vehicle rollovers. This technological solution is designed to prevent that from happening. As a result, it could save lives, reduce injuries, and mitigate equipment losses around the world. Convergent3D considers it to be one major solution to the military’s epidemic of vehicle deaths. It has been designed to save the lives of our young service men and women who serve our nation. 

In addition to benefiting our country’s armed forces and the maritime industry, the software has applications to the trucking industry, the construction industry, A.I. technology, medical technology, safety companies, as well as the entertainment industry and gaming world. Based in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, the company is led by a Vietnam veteran-turned-CEO, Dennis Drew, President, Ken Bergquist and team members. Convergent3D is a member of the National Advanced Mobility Consortium, NAMC.