Medical Industry

Medical Imaging: CT scans, Sonograms, Mammograms, etc., telemedicine and robotic surgery

Covergent3D has the technology to provide medical imaging for endoscopic and robotic-assisted surgery, to allow surgeons to see true depth perception. Doctors will not need special glasses and will be able to see a three dimensional view of the procedure in real time.

Portable DVE Barge Tow Configuration

Pictures of waterway vessels in fog situations would be beneficial here…
The US Inland Waterway System has over 150 locks and is the largest such natural waterway of its kind in the world. Towing barges in these rivers is very challenging. Unpredictable currents, shoals, and weather conditions make the maneuvering of tows consisting up to over 20 barges difficult. In addition, small tows encounter problems when entering locks due to cross currents at the entrance of the locks.https://youtube./XLYmDL60aYY

Numerous accidents are documented in which tows miss lock entrances, causing damage to locks and tows due to low visibility. The accidents cause economic loss due to delays in movement of river traffic, as a result of lock closures requiring repair.
A Convergent3D DVE unit provides a solution to enable the tow boat’s pilot to more safely navigate in reduced visibility. A portable IR or thermal image camera is temporarily mounted on the lead barge and powered using the portable power from the barge’s running lights. The 3D image provides depth perception so the pilot can better maneuver the tow through entrance of the lock. In addition, the video information can be transmitted to remote users (e.g. lock master) via the internet for viewing and docking coordination.