Core Glasses Free 3D Effect Display Technology

Stereoscopic video technology enables the new 3D Effect Display without Glasses Technology, a perception of realistic scenes. This mimics the human vision system that can obtain two separate views seen by our left and right eyes. In other words, the current state of the art is two-dimensional (2D).

Our software algorithms and processes convert standard two-dimensional video input, and display the video as full-motion, real-time, three-dimensional output with realistic depth-of-field. A lenticular display lens is used to view the three dimensional video output without need for special glasses.

The single camera capability provides cost savings in any industry and can apply to any type of vehicle; heavy construction equipment, tug and barge systems, commercial fleets, and first responders, for example. The capability is particularly valuable in certain domains in which single cameras are already built into the system, i.e. unmanned systems and robotics (The eye in the sky, search and rescue robots on the ground, and water surveillance). All use a single camera that will not need to be replaced in order to achieve a three dimensional view.